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Road & rail freight

Each individual client and shipment means a lot to us.

We aim to make our clients feel well-treated and special, which is the reason we always offer personal and customer-oriented service. Being our client should be a safe, quality experience.
Don't hesitate to call us with any questions. To us, all questions are relevant – we are here to provide solutions tailored to your needs.



We are flexible and customise shipments based on your needs and specifications.

We offer a comprehensive service, including loading and unloading, for all regions of Italy. We collaborate with three terminals regarding co-loading and distribution of our shipments. Using our excellent domestic network, we are able to pick up and deliver goods to and from anywhere in Italy. Our unique groupage service allows you to bring home smaller quantities, leading to efficient transport flow. We offer fast road haulage services, including intermodal freight solutions, which are good for the environment. Through close collaboration with our partners, we find the best solutions for your goods.
Shipments from Italy load on Fridays and unload in Borås on Mondays. 

North Africa

For several years, we have established reliable solutions for shipments from Tunisia and Egypt via Italy. Shipments from Egypt travel by sea and road via our Milan terminal. Goods from Tunisia are shipped by sea and road via either our Milan or Prato terminals and are reloaded on our trucks for groupage shipment to Sweden. Shipments from Morocco are handled similarly via our Porto terminal in Portugal.



Our flexible partners load and deliver anywhere in Portugal. Close collaboration with our partners offers us excellent control over our shipments. As most of our trucks run every week, our lead times are very competitive. We always load in Portugal on Fridays and deliver to large areas of Sweden on the following Thursday. We balance our transport flow by unloading exported goods on Fridays and delivering to most regions of Portugal on the following Thursday/Friday.

In our new trailers, we offer haulage of hanging goods and temperature-controlled shipments. If you seek a more environmentally friendly alternative, we recommend sea haulage with a 10-day transit time.



Our network covers large areas of Turkey, which offers us excellent opportunities for groupage shipments from Istanbul.  

We have one fixed departure every weekend with a lead time about 10 days.
As an alternative to traditional road haulage, we offer an intermodal solution. The trailer is sent by sea from Istanbul to Trieste, Italy,  where it is reloaded to a train car for transport to Sweden. This route takes 1-2 days longer, but is an excellent, environmentally-friendly alternative.

Our Turkish partner aims to become a certified AEO, which will make the clearing process in Turkey more efficient, as well as speed up and simplify the delivery process even more.



As the Romanian textile industry is growing rapidly, we have extended our network to include this country, and we offer haulage of hanging clothes in addition to single consignments and batches.


Elsewhere in Europe

As many of our clients are in need of comprehensive solutions, we have developed a network of experienced partners covering the remaining Nordic and European countries in addition to those already mentioned. Please contact us for more information!


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