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About us

In today's society it is important that companies take responsibility

To take responsibility for our employee’s future, the environment, the company and for our society is important to us.

We are actively working to be a good employer and follow labor laws and regulations that exist in Sweden. The workplace should be healthy and safe. As an employer, our task is to guarantee staff a good working environment, free from both physical and psychosocial barriers. We are actively working on gender issues, recruit staff based on competence and independent of age, gender, or ethnicity.

Our business is based on good relationships with all stakeholders. Therefore, we feel it is especially important to keep the agreements that are made and ensure that all employees are familiar with the laws and regulations that govern our business.

We want to create a positive, pleasant and stimulating work environment for our employees

It is of great importance for Kerry to maintain our winning team of employees to meet the challenges of our industry. Logistics is a business based on people, and we see our employees as Kerry's most important asset. We want to create real value for employees through personal and professional development, they will work in a pleasant working environment and the opportunity for a healthy balance between work and private life. Our leaders are actively working employees to feel involvement and commitment and encourages dialogue and open communication.

It is vital that our partners share our values

For us it is important that we have good cooperation with both our suppliers and customers and a focus on common interests and goals, together we can find the best solutions. We believe in long-term and sustainable business relationship.

We want to share with our community

To contribute to the development of society, we donate money to different organizations each year, both locally and nationally. In this way, we want to support both healthy and sick children in the community and we also want to contribute to discourage of the use of drugs.

The entering of working life for young people is important to us. We draw our part by working with schools, as well as by leasing company places and tutoring for students.

We promote environmental sustainability and create efficient logistics flows to reduce environmental impact

We believe in the research that shows that man is the single largest impact on the climate changes. Therefore, it is important that we as carriers take our responsibility. Together with our suppliers and customers we actively work to reduce the impact that our activities contribute to. We strive to ensure that our operations are environmentally sustainable and to create efficient logistical flow so as to limit our environmental impact.

The environmental work at Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB aims to decrease carbon emissions and energy consumption, and to find alternatives to lower our overall environmental impact.

We strive to integrate our environmental work in our day-to-day operations and promote a proactive approach. This is accomplished by communicating with and involving our employees and partners in our shared environmental goals; the objective is for all involved to be able to see how they contribute to decreasing our environmental impact.

We want to limit our climate impact by lowering carbon emissions. This is why we strive to only engage suppliers using vehicles which at least meet the Euro 5 emission standard and to collaborate with them in developing solutions that lessen our environmental impact. We use intermodal solutions and groupage shipping, and we plan our shipments in order to achieve as high a fill rate as possible for our cargo units.

We strive to reduce the energy consumption of our entire operations, both in our offices and in our warehouse facilities. This is accomplished by promoting our employees' awareness of how they can affect consumption in their day-to-day activities. It is also a standing item on the agenda of our working environment group when we discuss larger issues.

We see the current environmental legislation as a minimum requirement, and we aim to surpass the goals set by laws, ordinances, and other regulations. Our ambition is to use statistical data to follow up on our actual environmental impact, such as carbon emissions and energy consumption.

We recycle and presort our waste as much as possible, and we ensure that waste that is harmful to the environment is handled safely. We strive to use eco-labelled products in our operations so as to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful substances.

We choose environmentally friendly company cars and strive to use the most environmentally friendly alternative possible for business journeys without interrupting the operations of the company.


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