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Om oss
Albini & Pitigliani Sverige AB

We are the simple, flexible, and personal alternative.

Kerry aims to provide you, our client, safe handling of your transport flow, and we work together with you on a personal level, which means that we tend to your actual needs and create efficient solutions; we want you to feel that our services provide real, clearly noticeable value.

Our company name used to be Albini & Pitigliani Sverige AB and we have been active in Borås since 1999. At the year 2013 we were acquired by Kerry EAS Logistics LTD and the 29th of September we changed our name to Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB.  We are now a part of a global network, which means that we are a modest-sized company with far-reaching abilities.

Kerry Logistics Ltd. is a publicly traded corporation with head offices in Hong Kong, and the majority shareholder is a Malaysian family residing in Hong Kong.

The Kerry family consists of roughly 25,000 employees worldwide, most of whom are in Asia, where we are well-known and successful.

Our ambition is to offer our clients a worldwide network within which we collaborate closely with our clients. We also offer shipments between most regions of Asia.

Together with Kerry Logistics and our network we are able to offer our clients great potential in business development.



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Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB
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