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EID Ul-Azha och lastanhopningar i Chittagong / Traffic condition in Chittagong

Till våra Kunder / To our Customers,


Vi har fått nedan information angående EID samt situationen i Bangladesh som orsakar förseningar och lastanhopningar.




With due respect would like to inform you  following working schedule at Depot on the eve of EID Ul-AZHA.    


1.      On the occasion of the EID Ul-Azha  (Aug 22  2018, subject to appearance of MOON)  our CFS operations will  be continued as mentioned below:  

->           Booking Receiving till 2000 hrs on 16th August 2018.

->           Cargo Receiving Activities till 2100 hrs on 16th August 2018.

->           Stuffing Program Receiving till 2359 hrs on 16th August 2018.    


CFS Operations will resume at 1200 hrs ( sub to labor available) after the day of EID Ul-Azha.  

For us to be able to handle your cargo smoothly, we earnestly request you not to book cargo for Eid-subsequent weeks.


Your co-operation in this regard would be highly appreciated.



Dear All ,


Please be noted, due to recent traffic condition at Chittagong area, most of the CFS/ DEPOT could not able to send laden container to vessel hook point. Which is why vessels are seating idle at hook without any loading (email already shared to you). Because of the above situation feeder vessels have decided to extend her port stay to load laden boxes as much as possible to avoid back log and further congestion at Chittagong.


However, due to additional port stay, the berthing space are not available for other vessels which are planned to take berth on 9th & 10th Aug 2018. Now these vessels are at outer & waiting to get permission from Chittagong Port Authority for berthing.


Till today afternoon, as per the berthing line up declared by the CPA, there would be a Colombo bound feeder vessel X-press Nuptse on 9th Aug 2018,  which will connect mother vessel  CMA CGM RHONE at COLOMBO. But just a while ago, we came to know from CPA, feeder vessel X-press Nuptse is not going to take berth on 9th Aug 2018, cause the berthing is not available. As per last berthing line up declared by CPA there will be a Colombo bound feeder vessel on 11th Aug 2018 which supposed to sail on 14th Aug 2018. If feeder vessel sail from Chittagong on 14th Aug 2018, we have high chance to get the connection at COLOMBO but if vessel sail after 14th Aug 2018 than the connection will not feasible. 




Dear all Colleague

Pls do find below info which we did rcv fm depot, which fr yr doing the needful.


Dear Sir.

This is to inform all of our valued clients that due to deteriorate condition of port connecting/toll plaza road by heavy traffic, it has become overcrowded and always remains crammed hours after hours with container lorry, covered van and other vehicles from NCT/MPB yard . In addition to that, extra traffic of Nimtoli Bypass Road (Now Closed) has worsened  the situation in manifold. 

As a result, it causes for unusual intervals for our trailer fleet and sometimes clogged down the road while running to and fro CPA. On the other hand,  RTG of Saif PowerTech is out of order often and remains busy with their own work and hard to find those equipment ready for other port users.

From this morning, till writing this message, its almost 7 hours within which we could send only 5 trailers to CPA. This is causing to create an adverse chain effect on our total operation. Pls note, EBILCY will not be liable for any untoward situation, shutout or vessel skipping due to the reasons explained above.

Hence, you are highly requested to consider the whole site as per the gravity of situation and also request to lessen any exceptional issues to a minimal position.

Therefore, it is our sincere belief and hope that you will consider all above as per gravity of situation and endure with highest forbearance. This is self-explanatory and urgent notification without any prejudice.  


Thanks & Best Regards kallol



Best Regards,

Md. Abdus Sabur Khan

In Charge (Customer Service)


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Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

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Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards,


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